Digital Forensics and e-Discovery can make or break your case. Civil Ligitation against business has increased exponentially. Are you prepared? Can you effectively respond?

What is Digital Forensics? Digital forensics is an art and engineering discipline used to explain the current state of digital artifacts and to validate factual evidence for judicial review.

Small legal firms try their best to provide cost effective representation to their clients. However, much has changed since the US Supreme Court approved the sweeping changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) and Californiaís subsequent harmonization with the FRCP under the Electronic Discovery Act.

Now you can proactively and swiftly use Digital Forensics to your advantage. Understand how Predicate Logicís HeadShot Digital Forensics Division can help.

Our certified Digital Forensic Examiners are experts in identifying, acquiring, producing, preserving, and analyzing digital evidence from virtually every type of digital storage technology. Predicate Logic's Headshot Division Forensic Examiners are expert at tracking down evidence where ever the trail takes it, including the cloud storage, newsgroups and social networking web sites.

Predicate Logic's Forensics Division provide exactly what you need:

  • Digital Forensics Triage
  • Quick Look Evaluations
  • e-Discovery Triage
  • e-Discovery Support & Management
  • e-Discovery Automation Solutions

For more information, visit the headShotForensics web site...

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