Predicate Logic offers a wide range of software engineering services that include:
  • Project planning and management
  • Project risk assessment and evaluation
  • Application design and development
  • Rapid applications development
  • Software testing and configuration management
  • Software metrics collection and analysis
The Predicate Logic team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to solving your software development problems. At Predicate Logic, teamwork is more than just a buzzword, it is the way the company works. All of the engineering professionals have experience supporting on and off-site commercial Government Integrated Product Teams (IPT's). Technical staffs are lead by senior project managers and supported by Chief Engineers. Chief Engineers review customer requirements, staff qualifications, conduct project reviews and help deliver the most innovative and cost-effective technical solutions possible. The typical Predicate Logic software developer has over 7 years experience in the development of both commercial and government software. Constantly updating their skills, the Predicate Logic developers are equally comfortable with developing software under commercial or military standards. Predicate Logic software development teams posses a robust skill set including various design methodologies, languages, and rapid application development tools experience. Working with internal development and coding standards and a large code reuse library, Predicate Logic developers are known for their quality products.

As part of our expertise in project planning and management, we use the TychoMetrics Tool Suite to automatically collect, report and analyze software metrics. Visit the TychoMetrics web site for more information.

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