Predicate Logic has experienced subject matter experts in Submarine Communications (RF and IP), EMS and DMR. Our trainers are proficient in
  • MIL STD 130A/131A
  • AIMS software for curriculum development

We also provide cost effective professional commercial training in CISSP, A+, Security+, Network+ and many Microsoft courses. See our ACE IT Professionals web site.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Developed the Submarine IP End-to-End and Trident IP Architecture Courses
  • Fielded Submarine Operating Authority (SUBOPAUTH) Course
  • Provide underway on-the-job (OJT) training for Submarine communications ensuring proficiency on operation of the Common Submarine Radio Room (CSRR) and IP systems on board all classes of submarines.
  • Provided tailored training for EMS Operators, System Administrators and Maintainers on AOE/CVN/LCC/LHA/LHD/LPD/LSD class ships.
  • Podium and laboratory instruction provided for the new Common Submarine Radio Room
  • Developed Element Management System (EMS) and Digital Modular Radio (DMR) Curriculum and provided SME support for Navy Pilot Training
  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures for the Seawolf Class CSRR and circuit drawings to aid trainees in expanding their overall understanding of the CSRR data and RF paths
  • Provided Certified Training Specialists to teach the CSRR Operator and Maintenance course at Trident Training Facilities (TTF) in Kings Bay, GA and Bangor, WA
  • Provided Certified Training Specialists to teach the EMS 2 week course as part of the Amphibious Exterior Communications (EXCOMM) course in Dam Neck, VA

Predicate Logic’s CSRR Training Team along with other members of the CSRR Program received a “JOB WELL DONE” from the CSRR Program Acquisition Program Manager for the successful completion of OPEVAL and the accomplishment of all 2006 CSRR Goals.

Feedback from Technical Training Specialist at Surface Combat Systems Detachment East:

“… This is the first SPAWAR produced curriculum that I have seen that the author actually understood the format of 131. Although I am not a huge 131 fan if it is written well it works. We are working with the great product that you produced. Thanks for making my job much easier.”

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